Dr. Kevin Foley’s Bio

Dr. Kevin Foley is an American Indian author, artist, psychologist and hypnotist. Kevin grew up in Northern California with his two younger brothers. His mother raised Kevin and his two brothers by herself working as a nurse. In the third grade a Cub Scout recruiter came to Kevin’s class asking for youngsters to sign up. Kevin asked his mother if he could join Cub Scouts and she said, “You can do whatever you want.” He joined Cub Scouts and later he realized that his mother empowered him with the ability to make a choice about his future and that feeling of empowerment and empowering others has been a motivating force for Kevin ever since.

At nine years of age Kevin started a magic show in his backyard with his brothers and his early talent and interest to be on the stage has remained with him. Kevin began teaching children in the school system in Hupa California helping them to enhance their learning and even directed the gifted and talented program. At that time he met psychologist Dr. Royal Alsup who inspired him become a psychologist. He began his studies learning Humanist Psychology and learning hypnosis under Stephen G. Gilligan one of the first students of the founder of modern hypnotherapy Milton H. Erickson. Dr. Foley has been using hypnotherapy for over 20 years.

Recently, he began studying stage hypnosis under Marshall Sylver and AJ Puedan. Hypnotism has helped him grow from being a very shy man to where he is now able to perform hypnosis on stage in front of large crowds.

Dr. Foley has combined his expertise in psychology and marketing to transform the lives of individuals, teams and organizations. He has brought in over 10 million dollars in funds for his organization.

Dr. Foley’s Native American values of oneness with Nature, spirit, balance, humor and community drive him to share these values in his show and presentations. He enjoys the rapture of being alive and programs people to experience the same under hypnosis.

Dr. Foley’s mission is to transform people’s lives through hypnosis. Furthermore, to emulate, inspire and influence people and businesses to achieve their potential. Dr. Foley is the Doctor of Success!