Dr. Kevin Foley is America’s Marketing Hypnotist

Dr. Kevin provides entertainment that is scalable to any business event.

He regularly attends JT Foxx’s Mini Mega Partnering Event and has been on the same stage as Stedman Graham, Phil Grove, Reggie Batts and Jim Alvino.

Dr. Kevin on the same stage as Stedman Graham in Los Angeles

Dr. Kevin provides engaging speaker programs that astound!

He helps individuals, teams and organizations to get unstuck and move forward.

Dr. Kevin is the doctor of success!

The benefits of Dr. Kevin’s Hypnotic Show for your business event are:

  • To show how the mind operates and accepts suggestions.
  • To demonstrate how to open the mind to new concepts and ideas
  • To explore the power of effective communication in business
  • To display imaginative critical thinking, outside the box
  • To reveal the power of influence
  • To assist in developing motivation and achieving goals
  • Dr. Kevin provides entertainment with a message for your corporate event.
  • Dr. Kevin demonstrates that hypnotism takes any task and makes it better.

His shows are scalable to any business and he tailors his message to incorporate the values and mission of the organization. For companies looking for something new that motivates, excites and teaches how individuals can overcome any challenge toward reaching their full potential you will want Dr. Kevin to entertain at your event.

“Dr. Kevin Foley has an amazing Stage Show. It was an “exhilarating, informative, and entertaining”. He is a true “showman”. It was high energy and fun.” Scott Giles, Business Development, Transform Your Life October 2012

Trade Shows
Trade show hypnotist are a new way to attract qualified traffic to your booth. When hiring entertainment for your trade show booth who you hire is just as important as what they do. Hypnotist Dr. Kevin Foley will coordinate with your sales team before the program to help deliver a strong message on the day of your show.

Benefits of a trade show hypnotist are:

  • Attract more interested people to your booth.
  • Provide trade show entertainment/information that is relevant and informative.
  • Boost retention of your product or service by explaining it in an entertaining fashion.

Whether you are looking to bring your own ideas to light, or to find a helpful creative consultant for your booth. Call today to find out how to produce the results you need to successfully raise your bottom line with live hypnotic marketing at your trade show.

Sales Training

As a psychologist and hypnotist he is a master at the language of sales.
He teaches how to develop trust and rapport.
People buy from people they like.

Dr. Foley is a master sales trainer!
He teaches the skills of influence.
He provides Riveting Results!

Dr. Kevin unblocks sales professionals and changes their inner game.
He transforms individuals, teams and organizations to monetize their potential.

Awards Banquets
Dr. Kevin has his subjects perform a medley of hypnotic suggestions emulating a three ring circus. An experience your guests will never forget!

After dinner is finished Dr. Kevin’s show will have your attendees communicating bragging calling raving about the show to their friends for days.

For a successful Awards Banquet

  • Think about having your speeches AFTER the entertainment
  • Otherwise people will get tired and less responsive
  • Encourage company officers to keep their speeches short
  • Think about the Academy Awards!
  • Consider using a professional emcee for longer programs


Dr. Kevin Foley provides extreme WOW experiences and opportunities for exploration of success!